Invitation progress

Update: The first round has been closed. We have 3 pilotes from the first round who withdrew.
We have now invited the first 3 pilots from the additionals (list is at the bottom of this page).

We have started the process of sending invitations to National Aeroclubs. They will nominate
pilots to compete in 3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship.

The NAC Invitation has been send out on 21 December 2014 to:

1. National Aero Clubs (NAC)
2. The FAI/CIA Delegates
3. Competition Club (if address is known)

Competitors must be nominated by their NAC to be invited to the Championships. In case you
are unsure if your NAC or Delegate has nominated you, please contact your NAC or Delegate
and remind him/her. After receiving the NAC nomination we will publish the names here and
you can thereafter follow the nomination and invitation process here.

The deadline for the acceptance of NAC invitations is 31 January 2015
The deadline for the 1st round of entries is 15 March 2015
The deadline for the 2nd round of entries is 30 June 2015

For those who need the complete bank information:
Rabobank Altena
Postbus 60
IBAN NL17RABO0382245709

On 17 February 2015 the personal invitation has been sent to all pilots!
In case you have missed it: Invitation (PDF)

Other documents
Official invitation to National Aero Clubs (PDF)
NAC’s acceptance of invitation to take part (PDF)
NAC’s acceptance of invitation to take part (Word)
Invitation procedure (PDF)

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After de first round we will invite competitors according the table below in a second round,
should additional places become available.

Dutch Balloon Competition ClubKNVvLLandalFAI Ballooning